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RCE into EA using Kubeflow Notebooks

2 minute read

Intro Multiple articles and blog posts written about Kubeflow intrigued me to dive (albeit shallow) into and scour the depths of Shodan one evening to see wh...

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Burp Suite Extension - Raw Collaborator

1 minute read

The following describes the set up and usage of a Burp Suite Extension I wrote, that creates a new Collaborator URL and dumps the raw Interaction transaction...

Pentesting FoundationDB

2 minute read

During a recent Pentesting engagement, I came across a service using FoundationDB to store application layer configurations and state. This lead me to dive i...

Database Credential Dumps

less than 1 minute read

The following is a compilation of queries to list database user hashes, which are stored locally in tables. The hashes obtained can be cracked using password...

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